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Self-Salvation Oath is the first collection of NECRO POON, which inspired by the protest and social movement around the world. The collection is combination of Street fashion and contemporary wear, to stand out the mood of high-end fashion. To express the concept, it has been used a lot of digital printing and 3-D embroidery technique, to state the think and idea of the designer. In the design details, strong mood of colour and printing details has been applied to show out strong, energetic and uniqueness.


Fabric use and Cutting:

Functional sport material has been applied onto the products, to transform it into fashion wear, breathable transparent organza is one of the star. Breathable garment is very important in Hong Kong and Asian countries in spring/summer season; thus, Necro invented the organza with digital print to create extreme wearable jacket for perfect mix and match. On other hand, breathable and quick dry mesh and 3-D knitted fabric has also been applied to create casual blazer, shirt and trousers. These products are perfect cut for Hong Kong and Asian people, which create street, contemporary and technology high-end fashion.


Colour use:

Black and white is major colours of NECRO POON, which are suitable to stand out uniqueness and strong image of people. With the accent of red, white, blue and yellow, the matching raises personality and value of personal taste. Moreover, it also shows that the designer’s believes about the world – Freedom and independence, to create the fashion taste, value and connection between wearer and the brand.

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